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Sticky Strategies

Join us for the first WOW event of the season. Thursday April 28th, 6pm - 9pm Guest speaker Diana Mulvey of Seeds Consulting will present STICKY STRATEGIES: 35 Words to Plan, Focus and Communicate Your Business Goals. Most business leaders are unable to share the objective, scope and unique advantage of their organization in a simple statement. The reality is if you can't articulate your business in a simple statement then neither can your employees or customers. WOW participants will be lead through an exercise that features a Whistler-based case study to articulate their business strategy and determine how to engage employees and customers in their plan. Key takeaways for participants: a - Understanding of why some plans fall short and others thrive b - 35 words to effectively communicate your business strategy c - Clarity to help your business stick out from the competition and focus on your ideal customer Sponsored by: Farfalla & Scully Insurance Brokers Inc. and Coast Mountain Photo