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How to Sell Like a Girl

Sell your product/business/self and feel great about it

Date: Tuesday, September 23 Time: 4 - 6pm Location: Table Nineteen Lakeside Eatery at Nicklaus North Golf Course

Sales is an act of love.  That's why women make the best sales people!

Sales is also the most critical business skill and the #1 key to long-term business success! Whether it's a meeting with your next big client, an investor pitch to get your new idea off the ground or making the case for that big promotion - it's all sales. The truth is that once women let go of outdated sales "rules" and learn to tap into their own authentic sales strengths with integrity nothing can stop them! Sales coach supreme, Shannon Ward will explain her unique female-specific techniques to send your sales confidence soaring so you feel fabulous (not fake) in every sales situation. We're sharing the scoop on how to develop your personal sales strengths and overcome your selling fears so you can attract more customers, more revenue and more success! reveals

Key Takeaways:

  • 3 surprising secrets to modern sales success
  • How to harness YOUR unique sales strengths
  • The old school sales "rules" you need to let go of
  • BONUS: A free, 30 minute, 1 on 1 "sales success mindset" phone meeting with Shannon for to anyone who attends the event!

Guest Speaker: Shannon Ward CEO, OnTrack and co-author of Babyproofing Your Business LinkedIn | Twitter: @shanispretired

Shannon aims to smash the outdated myth that women aren't good at sales.  As CEO of OnTrack, a sales coaching company, Shannon has been selling and managing sales teams for over a decade. She uses her unique perspectives and experience to coach women in business towards unleashing their inner sales powerhouse.  Dividing her time between Whistler and Costa Rica with her husband and son, Shannon is a work-life balance evangelist and lifestyle designer. She is also co-author of Babyproofing Your Business and has been interviewed on CBC, Global TV, BC Business and the Globe & Mail about work-life balance issues.


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