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Lessons learned from the Games – Mo Douglas

  by Mo Douglas The journey and everything learned and achieved along the way was more important than the destination. When people come together for a common goal and collaborate, cooperate, lay aside their agenda, their egos and their assumptions, then truly anything is possible. A shared vision is powerful thing.
Just like our athletes, when you work hard, set goals and aspire to excellence  - you can achieve whatever you set your mind to – and have some fun along the way.
Many people believed that since Whistler is already in the tourism business - we welcome the world all the time - that we don’t “NEED” the Olympics. But successfully delivering this extraordinary event made us better.
This community welcomed the world with open arms and the world celebrated here as a global village. Whistler experienced a new level of energy, warthm, friendship and hospitality. Everyone made an effort, people were patient, accommodating, kind and friendly beyond belief.
Our greatest legacy will be to maintain that level of :
  • optimism
  • belief
  • aspiration and inspiration
  • believing that anything is possible – and celebrating it.
Anyone can complain. Anyone can criticize. But the believers, the optimists, the team builders can bring a vision to life and change other lives in the process. And that is nothing more than a choice we make every day. Mo Douglas was one of the speakers at the June 2010, WOW meeting