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Take a Coffee Break – it’s Good for Business

I’ve always made a point of scheduling a coffee ‘meeting’ at least twice a week. - one is with someone new that I’ve just met and the other is usually a colleague that I haven’t seen for a while. I’ve made it part of my weekly routine and business plan.

More than ever, especially in these uncertain economic times, connections and relationships are worth their weight in gold because you do business with people, not things. No amount of cold calling, sales promotions, or advertising will equal the amount of business you can acquire from someone who knows you, trusts you and will recommend you to their customers. These are the people you want to be with. These are the people you want to do business with.

Time and speed drive today’s tech-savvy world and some “progressive” business leaders are scrapping in-person meetings in favour of the latest high-tech solutions.

Last week I was working with my coaching client and discussing how coffee can be good for business. This is especially important for women because we’re adept at picking up on body language that can only be sensed in person and … when a jaw-dropping 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal cues, talking face-to-face becomes essential.

She was not convinced that having coffee meetings with her colleagues and clients was a good idea.

"It takes too much time out of my day…it’s faster just to text …emails are more efficient,” she said. Efficient for whom?

Business is built on connections and relationships, not just texts, emails or phone calls. Inviting someone to coffee can create new opportunities and the benefits can outweigh the ‘extra time’ it takes.

Have you connected with your clients recently? Just to say hello and to remind them that you are still IN business? To say thanks for past/present/future business? That you’re there for them?

Apathy, under the guise of “time is money,” is silently creeping into today’s business world. Don’t let it into yours.

Coffee, whether it’s decaf, instant or ‘fully leaded’ – it is good for business.

Now Go Get Connected!

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