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The Women of Whistler Planning Committee, is excited to announce the WOW Meeting Sponsorship Program for the upcoming 11th Season of Women of Whistler!

In an effort to engage and lend further support to local businesses, each meeting we offer three meeting sponsorship spots, in addition to the annual Corporate and Community Sponsors for the season ahead.  Each sponsor represents one business that will display their products, marketing, and promotional items at the selected WOW Meeting.  It allows sponsors to connect directly with attendees who are interested in their product or services; as well as to the individual attendees (who can experience a ‘trade-fair’ element). Contributing to an enhanced WOW Meeting for all women.

The money raised from sponsorship provides the WOW Planning Committee the additional funding to cover the increased costs of administration. Including, but not limited to: general meeting costs, venue space, increased food costs, marketing, supplies, speaker gifts and accommodation, as appropriate.

Download the Sponsorship Opportunities PDF

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