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Uncorking The Corker Co.

An Interview with Upcoming WOW Guest Speaker, Steph Corker from The Corker Co.

A "corker" is defined as a remarkable or astonishing person or thing. On November 27th, Whistler will be welcoming TWO Corkers as guest speakers at our next WOW event. Sibling duo Steph and Matt Corker of The Corker Co, will share their inside tips and tools that have allowed them to create remarkable and astonishing results as a family, as business owners, and as active community members.

In anticipation of this event, our Women of Whistler (WOW) team recently caught up with Steph Corker to dive into some details that you won’t be able to find on their website or on their Instagram feeds!

WOW: On your website it says, “it all started by falling in love with a different version of our futures…”. Where is that quote from and what is its significance to your business?

Steph Corker: It’s actually a quote from bestselling author Seth Godin, who is a good friend of Matt and I. There have been several moments in life, different choices and turns, that have lead Matt and I to where we are today, in business and in our personal lives. We both felt that this statement from Seth speaks to us from a place of seeing possibility when we face those choices and turns. It’s a reminder that there is a future of possibility, as long as you are open to it. I often get asked, “how are you always so positive”, and the truth is I’m not! I just approach life seeking the opportunities that are out there.

WOW: Working with a friend and/or relative can cause many challenges, so much so that some people avoid mixing businesses and friendship/family altogether. What were the checks on the “pro” or “yes” list that gave you confidence this business was worth risking family feuding?

SC: Being an entrepreneur is tough in general and adding business partnerships make it very tough. You are faced with challenges every day that affect both you and your business. One thing that we have on our side is that Matt and I have always been very close. Before The Corker Co. we had worked in similar corporate jobs and understood that world of business. When I wanted to start this business I knew I wanted it to be with Matt. When we discussed it, Matt actually agreed that if the company still existed after 1 year of me starting it, then he would join.  Thankfully it did! But with that, Matt and I will both tell anyone that it hasn’t always been easy.

There are two things that have helped us the most: One is “worst case” business planning - everything we do is written with worst case in mind, so every detail and possible outcome is clear. Throughout our entire working relationship, we have never counted on “family gets you through”. We count on clear communication. Number two: Therapy! We have had some tough patches where therapy was what got us through. It has been so important for us individually and as business partners. We have our business hills to tackle, and also big personal challenges and goals that therapy has been essential in supporting. It helps us show up as our best for each other.  

WOW: Balance and growth seem to be pillars in your business that you and Matt hold high importance for.  What systems and tools do you use to ensure you reach your balance and growth goals?

SC: In terms of business systems, Matt and I are both lucky to have worked for two of the same larger corporations that had great tools in place for business growth planning. We have adopted those systems from those companies, SAP and lululemon, and have incorporated them into our business. Matt did his MBA while at lululemon so he has always been our guiding light in terms of business systems. I have always been the one hunting for business for us, more of the sales lead.  And like any business we follow a structure of monthly, quarterly, and annual business goals and meetings. Honestly the biggest thing is knowing your own strengths and utilizing them, which we do very well.

WOW: You have a podcast! And it’s almost at 100 episodes, congratulations. What have you learned from running a podcast?

SC: It’s been an interesting experience! We launch one podcast a week and have been for I guess, almost 100 weeks! It is called UNCORKED and the goal of the podcast is to “uncork” stories of leaders that you can’t find on google or Instagram. It has been a fun challenge for me. As an Athlete, I am used to training being a very routine and consistent practice. I think other than that, this podcast has been the most consistent thing I have done! And doing anything with consistency is an art. The fact that I am curious and LOVE asking questions and learning keeps me going with it. I love learning new things from each guest we have on.

WOW:  Well thank you for answering those questions Steph! We are so excited to have you and Matt in Whistler on Nov. 27th. Is there anything else you would like to share?

SC:  Thank you! It has been fun and Matt and I can’t wait to speak in Whistler. I think our core beliefs are a pretty rad thing to share with the WOW audience. They are the root of The Corker Co. and will provide a good understanding of who we really are. Here they are:

  • Time is precious. Change your life today.
  • Healthy leaders lead healthy businesses.
  • Our money is meaningful and our profit is purposeful.
  • AND is the future.
  • The status quo is meant to be broken in every area of our lives. #medicoreout
  • Full self-expression is the best way to live.
  • We choose to leave it better than we found it. 

The Corker Co. will be speaking on November 27th at our WOW event, hosted at The Audain Museum in Whistler BC. This event will leave you feeling empowered to succeed in managing your people, and with new ideas to help you in developing a corker of a team!