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What is Mentorship?

mentorchalkboardSometimes thought of as teacher & student, it has become a sharing of wisdom & master mind of ideas. I've been part of a women's mentor group for the past 3 years and it's been a wonderful experience of sharing ideas and collaborating, getting motivated and moving forward, enriching both my career and personal life.

Are you limiting your growth by not having a mentor? Leveraging the expertise of a senior leader can elevate your career exponentially.  A mentor will dial you into a wealth of knowledge and open new doors, but can also lead to a lifelong connections.

Taking the time to develop an effective mentor relationship will have an immense impact on success.

Join in at the Women of Whistler event on May 17th at 6pm to hear Moderator Jill Earthy, Vice Chair of the Women’s Enterprise centre (accomplished entrepreneur) will be joined by a panel of women with diverse perspectives on the power of mentorship.

Together the panel will share inspiration and lessons on how an effective relationship can create a powerful shift in one’s life.

Key takeaways:

  • The role of the mentor and mentee
  • Finding the right mentor
  • The different types of mentoring and maximizing mentorship
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As Women of Whistler drives the development for business women in Whistler, mentorship is a key piece of the equation to create a community where bright ideas are nurtured, growth is accelerated, and integrity is celebrated. Don't miss out on our next Women of Whistler event - Accelerate your Growth With Mentorship (sign up here).


Where Did The Robin Go?

RobinSpring has definitely sprung in Whistler, with the birds chirping on the still crisp mornings. But where has our infamous round robin gone? Once a standard practice at Women of Whistler events, the round robin was a great way to learn who was in the room so that you could connect with them in the event that they might be able to fill a need that you or your business may have. It was exciting for some, and terrifying for others. Although it lasted less than a minute, for most, the thought of public speaking may have kept them away from our events. When your attendance numbers have increased from an average of 60 amazing women (and occasionally a few good men) to closer to 90, the round robin grew into an unmanageable part of the events. With technology and social media changing the networking landscape, we decided to let the robin fly away to another nest, and instead leverage the power of networking at the event. Each year we try to include a topic that will inspire you to be a better networker; more of a connecter. Currently, if you wish to share your contact information with those attending WOW events, you can select to do so when you register for the event. We provide an information sheet with attendee contact details on the back of your seat at the event, and we also send the list out to everyone prior to the event in our final reminder email. We are always looking for ways to support you better, and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us in each post event survey, or by contacting us. You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram (new – stay tuned!). We encourage you to join the conversations and share on social. While the robin may have left our nest, we hope you enjoy the networking we provide at our WOW events. Join us on May 17th at Nita Lake Lodge to give WOW networking a try! At the bottom of this page is our newsletter sign up if you want to be notified about our events via email.

How to Get What You Want out of Life!

The Art of Negotiation

The title of this Women of Whistler event immediately grabbed my attention and I am fairly certain I am not alone.  While we are lucky enough to live in beautiful Whistler and enjoy this amazing lifestyle (let’s face it, life is pretty good here), there are still things to be accomplished, dreams to fulfill, checks to be made on bucket lists. And just how do we get what we want out of life?  Perhaps an opportunity to learn more is presenting itself.

Negotiation always seemed to me like a term for corporate executives in large firms.  According to the event speaker, Cindy Roney, the art of negotiation is applicable to more than just the big boys in suits, it’s a skill we all should have in our toolbox.  And a skill we can fine tune.

Cynthia’s bio lists an impressive number of accomplishments.  She has extensive experience in executive business and leadership coaching and is CEO of her own coaching firm.  Her clients include Royal Bank and Telus, as well as new start-ups. I will be paying close attention when she talks about why women often feel uncomfortable negotiating, why we don’t ask for what we want, and the how consequences of not negotiating show up in our personal and professional lives. Sign me up.

The key takeaways listed on

  • The top 10 traits of great negotiators & top 10 negotiating no-no’s
  • A simple 5 step negotiation process to get what you want
  • Self-assessment tool shows how you measure up as an effective negotiator

Tickets for the December 10th event are available at the Whistler Chamber of Commerce for what promises to be a very interactive and informative evening at Nita Lake Lodge.

Lynn Gadsby


(Net)working It: Confessions of a Super-Connector

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Networking is one of those business methods that is hard to define. What is successful networking? Does it have to end with a business proposition or can it be simply getting the word out?

Networking has always been interesting for me, I loved speaking to people and discussing business ideas. I never thought of myself as actively networking, just sharing ideas that would complement our businesses.

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Breaking Trail with the Women of Whistler

 Unconventional Career Wisdom from Whistler Women

Women of Whistler

Most people will agree that Whistler is a very unique place in the world.  We do things a bit differently here, don’t we?  Our mountain playground is the center of many local social and business lives.  Our challenges are different too, such as getting in a few turns before work or consistently struggling with keeping good local staff.  So I think it makes sense that a career path carved out in Whistler would be a bit unique too.

What does a Whistler career path look like anyway?

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Women Being Bold

Women of Whistler Present - Women Being Bold with Michele Romanow

The title of the next Women of Whistler event says a lot not only about the speaker, but also about our group as a whole. Women of Whistler's purpose is to drive the development of professional women in Whistler. For this to happen it takes some bold ladies to pull it all together. I was recently a bit bold and put my name into the ring to join the organizing committee for Women of Whistler and was over the moon when I was accepted. It took some courage to jump in, but that’s what our next speaker, Michele Romanow, is all about. I recently read an article on, which listed these seven traits as the ones successful entrepreneurs need to succeed: Read More

Head Up Heart Out

As a busy Whistler Woman, it is always difficult to make time to attend events in all honesty, but when the guest speaker promises to advise how to find personal sustainability it seems counter-productive to not check it out. The result of carving out the two hours for February's WOW event was simply inspiration. From the stunning mountain vista supplied through the Squamish Lil'Wat Centre's windows as a backdrop, to the regional canapés of house made smoked salmon and bannock paired with heart-warming First Nations drumming and singing the scene. Was set for enlightenment when guest speaker Sara Wegwitz of Tailor Made Health took the stage. I admit that with iPhone in hand I continued to deal with my beehive of responsibilities while listening, but a friend's reminder that I needed this got me to focus and alter my emailing to note taking. She asked us to surrender and start choosing our priorities. With your head up and heart out it is difficult to feel down and you present yourself with confidence to shape the world you want. Always keep your eyes on your own road and don't get distracted by the "Facebook version" of other people's lives. She left us with a visual exercise and advice that the first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you're not going to stay where you are. I for one left with new energy to take the next steps in my personal sustainability. Tara Colpitts Committee Member of Women of Whistler

Stepping Up – Uncovering Your True Leadership Potential

View the presentation from the event by clicking here.

The sold-out Women of Whistler event at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler on Tuesday, November 27 was a great way to spend the afternoon.  Each time I attend a WOW event, I am always amazed at the diverse skills of the women attending and their ability to share their support and knowledge, whether they have known you for years or just met you that day.

Featuring guest speaker Dawn McCooey from the Women's Enterprise Centre, the topic of leadership drew a full crowd of local business women (and one brave man).

Dawn spoke about how to become a better leader by uncovering our leadership gifts. She outlined a very interesting framework of leadership: Pride, Passion, Purpose, Performance and Poise.  It all starts with Pride.  Think about your proudest moments, she said. These pride stories are the foundation of our leadership. By tapping into our proudest moments, we can fuel our leadership potential.

Our Pride leads us to our Passion.  Dawn explained that you don't need to find your passion, it’s already in you.  Passion makes everything more interesting.  I think everyone can relate to a small task that seems so very enormous if there is no interest in it.

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The Power of Events

Personally, I really love the Women of Whistler events. They are a great opportunity to touch base with the event sponsors and discuss the opportunities that exist to work together. At this event, the buzz was about the powerful speakers who were on the panel and the delicious food that was available. The Collective Kitchen served some fantastic food!

Living in Whistler, where all levels of events can be experienced from the small community fundraiser to the international festival, I was especially looking forward to hearing three different perspectives on events, how they are formed, the execution and the power they embrace.

It was interesting hearing John break down the value of participating in community events and how all these areas are vital to the operations of the event and that every little piece of the puzzle is necessary to create a successful event.

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