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Breaking Trail with the Women of Whistler

 Unconventional Career Wisdom from Whistler Women

Women of Whistler

Most people will agree that Whistler is a very unique place in the world.  We do things a bit differently here, don’t we?  Our mountain playground is the center of many local social and business lives.  Our challenges are different too, such as getting in a few turns before work or consistently struggling with keeping good local staff.  So I think it makes sense that a career path carved out in Whistler would be a bit unique too.

What does a Whistler career path look like anyway?

Three women I greatly respect will soon be sharing their stories of their diverse paths in Whistler business: Danielle Kristmanson, Maureen “Mo” Douglas and Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden. When reading the bios for Danielle, Mo and Nancy, it is extremely easy to be impressed.  Collectively, these women have extensive and wide-ranging experiences in leadership, education and business.  They have powerhouse clients and are truly trail blazers not only in Whistler, but in the international community as well.  They are passionate.  They make things happen. Really cool things.

These enterprising women will be the panel members at the next Women of Whistler event on May 19, moderated by the brave Val Litwin, Whistler Chamber CEO. I really enjoy the intimate and interactive nature of a panel discussion and am really looking forward to hearing their stories.  The key takeaways listed on Women of Whistler.

  • Candid Q&A with the corridors brightest Mega Minds
  • Career path tips and don’t-try-these-at-home stories
  • Entrepreneurial intel for your next big idea

I wonder, how did they get where they are today? I am looking forward to hearing what they feel were their defining moments and what inspired them. Would they do anything differently? What inspires them now?

Event tickets are available at Women of Whistler for what should be a very interesting, fun and perhaps a bit wild evening at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. Good luck, Val.


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